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September 6th, 2006

zims_nocturne @ 06:14 pm:

Hope everyone had a good first day back at school. =)

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January 12th, 2006

sweetbutsour @ 03:04 pm: You Know You've Attended Emerald Ridge When...
-You still have your Jag accent
-You know what the Jag accent is
-You think your highschool is way cooler than those other crappy
-You were excited about Beamer. Because that meant that you were no longer the new school, and you would never get picked on again! All the attention has been shifted to Beamer!
-You make fun of Beamer
-You know what "Spench" is
-You know the story of the "jag jacket" and take pride in doing the cheer, even though you know its lame.....thats what makes it so incredibly amazing.
-You have secret color splash meeting with people in your class to
plot how you are going to win.
-You say the word "easily" way more than any one person should
-You learn to despise half days because that means your in advisory allllll day.
-You know your schedule....you just can't explain it to anyone
-You have slipped down the hill during a fire drill
-you have had the discussion "Why do they lock us in the tennis
courts if there is a fire???"
-You know where "Beaver Pond" is
-You love Mr. White, and you want to be him when you grow up
-The MLK assembly is a huge deal. If you get asked to preform....you are practically famous.
-You want to be part of the urban dance team SOOOO BADDDD!
-You have had the discussion "who is better? the dance team, or the URBAN dance team?"....and the urban dance team won hands down..... and then someone went "Well, what about Dreshawn????" And then you went "touche"
-You love Tyler Quinn
-You admire "The students for Global awareness."
-You know what Bell Dash is, and you want to play it right now.
-You know who Randall P. Merriweather is
-You know who the hypocritz are
-You know who Mr. Coleman is
-You always took 2 lunches instead of using your Jag Time
-YOU HATE MR. GLASS ( ~ Lauren)
-Even as a senior, you still get lost trying to find a specific room
because the numbering makes absolutely no sense.
-You laugh when people come from other schools it takes them a half hour to find the class they need to be in for SATs (it only took you ten minutes...)
-(This one's for the those who suffered through AP English with Carstensen ~ Lauren) You remember Carstensen explaining how she learned everything about African American culture from "Barbershop 2"
-You remember Oliver-Moore saying, "if you are in the bushes...
please return to the building to be counted..."
-You have participated in a "Friday Night Freak"
-You've seen Payton streak
-You've been to Starbucks @ 6:30am because it was a "coffee day"
-You saw the firetruck bring Mr. White in when he was King For A Day
-You know the key for the copy machine in the Career Counseling Center, and know that no matter what six numbers you put in, it will make a copy for you
-After playing a game (of any kind) you have no idea what the other person says when they say that you've "lost" - what's a loser?
-You are no longer surprised when someone tells you that some sophomores had sex on the stairs... AGAIN!
-You know that Jag/Er time is only used for sleeping, and you still call it "Jager" time... as in Jagermeister... even though your advisor tells you to stop.
-You've trekked up to the football field in the rain because the freezer somehow set off the fire alarm... for the 5th time today.
-You've gotten pissed at those people who drive past all the traffic and pull a U-turn.
-You've avoided being late to school by driving past all the traffic and pulling a U-turn.
-You've been late to school becuase you've gotten into a car accident.
-You don't leave school until 3:00 to avoid traffic.
-You get to school at 7 to avoid traffic.
- You remember Potato Famine Week
-You remember saying "What is 'King of the Jungle?"
-You've terrified (or been terrified of) the 5th and 6th graders.
-The only newspaper you care about is the JagWire, and you only know that it's WAY better than Rogers' newspaper. (And you definitely need some chapstick... )
-You wonder what ever happened to Keiko, the Ethiopian whale.
-You're classified as "Gangsta" or "Ghetto" even though you're white, live in a two story house, and shop at Hollister.
-The name Madeline Barry makes you want to stab yourself in the chest with a fork until your heart stops beating.
-You know which people in DECA are the expert smoothie makers and during what lunches they work the store.
-Wednesdays always piss you off.
-You know what Avalanche, Tuxedo, and Oreo all have in common.
-You forget which way is North.
-You remember which way is North by simply looking for Martin Luther King's humongously creepy eyes...you give directions and navigated sophomores via MLK's picture.
-You've had the discussion "You know, that looks more like Eddie Murphy than MLK..." (-Sandi)
-You know that while WASL week(s) are hell for sophomores, juniors and seniors have time to sleep in, party, and enjoy for once two weeks of their high school lives.
-You know that Bates talks way too much...ask him what 2 2 is, and he'll tell you a long-winded story to answer it. (but you'll still love him anyways cuz he's cool like that)
-You quickly get angry when the sophomores stop and talk in the middle of the hallways, esp. near the stairs, causing major traffic delays and pissing everyone off. After a while you just want to yell at them but you know better because they might just be having sex and you'd rather not see that eye-scarring pain.
-You only do your homework every other day, and only for your 1st/2nd period class because you know you have jag, advisory, ER, and lunch to do them.
-You want to curb-stomp sophomores... for no other reason than they're just sophomore

August 30th, 2005

sweetbutsour @ 02:05 pm: *waves*
Hi! I'm Angela. Senior this year. I noticed the other two High Schools in our district had communities. So I wanted one for our school too! I don't think many people will join. But if you are an ER, come join then get your friends. It'll be cool. Mostly... I just want a way to find all of my fellow Jags here on Live Journal.

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